Quick, Budget-Friendly Kitchen Remodels

Having a modern, updated kitchen is a great focal point that can raise the value of your home significantly. Here are some quick and simple ideas that can give your kitchen a fresh new look and still fit in with the common trends for kitchen remodelers in Plymouth, MN.

No More Wallpaper

Wallpaper used to be quite the trend, but today a freshly painted kitchen is necessary. Choosing a color can be tricky, but if done carefully, even a bold color choice can make an impact. Common colors include red, blue, green, and white. White can be energizing and give the feeling of a blank canvas, inviting you to come in and make something creative. It can also show every single bit of dirt, so use caution. A great alternative to white is a gray tone, which has the same neutral feel but enough color to feel welcoming.

Red is a warmer color that can really pop in a kitchen. There are many shades of red that can go well in a kitchen but if you’re not feeling quite so adventurous, you can use red on just one wall as an accent. If you like the color blue, a lighter shade can help prevent the room from feeling too dark. Green pairs nicely with various wood tones, so if you have a lot of natural wood in your kitchen cabinets, you might want to consider a shade of green that goes well with the wood.

Cabinet Facelift

Replacing all of your cabinets can be expensive. If you don’t want to shell out that kind of cash, there are a couple of options. You can have them refinished, which involves stripping the old paint off, sanding them smooth, and repainting them. We recommend that you choose your finishing carefully because your kitchen cabinets get a lot of use and will need to have a high quality finish to stand up to daily use.

You may also be able to simply replace the cabinet fronts. This can give a new, updated look without a lot of effort and no major remodeling necessary. New hardware on your cabinets is another simple and quick way to update the overall look of the kitchen and is often simple enough for you to replace on your own.


Are the light fixtures in your kitchen outdated? Replacing them with new, modern light fixtures can brighten the kitchen and can make a big difference in the overall appearance.

If you are not ready for a full kitchen remodel, we recommend you try these quick kitchen remodels that can make a big difference!

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