Design/Build since our start, Sawhorse has been a pioneer of this advanced construction process. To join the expertise of talented designers and project managers to achieve great design concepts into efficiently run and budget conscience remodeling projects is the end result. A well intentioned architect or designer can over extend a budget in the blink of a tile selection. The check and balance system that design/build offers will be able to meet your design criteria and at the same time can be reviewing budget controls for your financial benefit.

Sawhorse Process
Couple looking at design concept

Your initial contact to Sawhorse whether via; phone, internet or in person a follow-up phone conversation from our front office staff will ask key questions regarding your project and all necessary contact information. You will then be contacted by one of our talented designers to meet with you at your home to listen to your; needs, wishes and dreams for your home. Your designer will then start their design/estimating process and after a compressed time frame (typically 2-3 weeks) will present a comprehensive design that will be accompanied by a guaranteed price proposal for your acceptance. Revisions or alternate design concepts may be explored after review of the proposal, and in the end your complete satisfaction of design concept and costs is our goal.

Upon signing your contract, one of our seasoned project managers will be chosen from our stable to become your “go to person”. Your PM will come to your home and double check all dimensioning and looking for impactful ways to make your journey through this upcoming remodeling process a minimally intrusive as possible. All gathered information is then turned over to production drafting staff to complete working drawings; plans specs and selection information into a comprehensive format that will be the guidelines through completion of your remodeling project. This process is typically 3 weeks +/- and is culminated in our Client Plan Review meeting.

This is an exclusive concept Sawhorse created from day one and will give you piece of mind, prior to your construction getting underway. Before your project starts you will be participants in a compact (typically 2-3 hours) meeting to review all aspects of your project. You and your designer have not been inactive since the contract signing, you have been involved with many decision making activities and visits to our showroom fro some selection but also visiting one of many partnering vendors for selections on your remodeling project. Everything from; cabinets, countertops, tile, plumbing fixtures and accessories – will need to be chosen to make your remodeling project a unique expression of your taste and our designers helpful insights. The Client Plan Review meeting will review all of the exciting features you have made with our designer and will also review the important topics of construction start-up with your project manager. A few of those construction start-up issues are; access to home, logistics of storage of construction materials, hours of operation, and many more topics.

Your project manager will be meeting on site prior to construction start and confirm start-up date. A gant chart or calendar construction sequence will be provided to you for monitoring the pulse of the project but rest assured your confidence in your PM will be heightened by their active communication skills to keep you informed. You have invited into your home to make it more enjoyable for your lifestyle today and the project manager’s goal is to enhance your home to the lifestyle you deserve.

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