5 Challenges You Can Solve With Modern Deck Designs

Installing a deck on your property can be more than just a fun outdoor addition. It can also solve a number of challenges in your yard or even the home. Here are five such problems and solutions.

Not Enough Space

If your home could use some more room but your budget doesn’t allow a big remodel, you may think you’re stuck. But installing a deck outside can give you more space for a number of different home activities.

A deck with a wide entrance — such as a rolling glass garage door or folding doors — can create a smooth transition between interior rooms and the deck. This adds space to rooms like the living room, dining area, or master bedroom.

A wraparound porch with multiple entrances can make several different rooms in the home larger. Create different zones by adding boundaries using container plants, benches, and even different heights on the deck itself. And by adding glass walls, a roof, or other protection, you can enjoy the deck all year long.

A Difficult Yard Design

Do you have a difficult piece of terrain in your yard? Make it functional by using it for the deck. Modern deck designs can work around just about any natural obstacle or challenge. A steep slope, for example, could be replaced by a multi-level deck and stairs that recaptures formerly unusable space. Custom deck designs can make better use of things like side yards, odd angles, corners, and perpetually soggy yard spots.

Limited View

Want a better view in your yard? Try getting above the surrounding terrain by installing an above-ground deck. A second-floor deck, for example, could help you take advantage of a good view in the master suite and make it even more enjoyable. Even on the first floor, building a few additional feet above the landscaping and neighborhood homes can make the difference between having a view of the neighbors and having a view of great sunsets.

Lack of Entertainment Space

Making your home more multifunctional can help improve your use of it. If you have an older home with a closed interior layout, for example, you may have a hard time entertaining more than a few people at a time. But by adding a deck to the public areas of your house, you can create an entirely new entertainment area.

Put a fireplace in the middle of a few outdoor sofas or add an oversized dining table so that you can seat more people comfortably. A ground-level deck with a good view of the whole backyard is the perfect staging area for family events with both kids and adults sharing the backyard comfortably.

Unexciting Entrance

While most decks are placed in the private backyard, a custom deck could enhance your front entrance too. Why not replace a boring front porch with a wide and inviting multi-level deck? Or you could design a curving or circular deck that highlights your favorite focal point in the yard. And a deck that fans out from the entry door or collapses into it can add a unique touch to even the most basic yard.

If your backyard isn’t large, installing a useful deck in the front yard is a simple way to make better use of the whole property.

Today’s deck options and designs make it possible not only to get your family outside more often but also to enhance your entire lifestyle. Whether you want to elevate your outdoor space or just make it more interesting and useful, a deck could be an easy solution.

The deck experts at Sawhorse Designers and Builders would be happy to work with you to find the perfect new outdoor area for your unique property. Why not give them a call today?

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