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5 Layouts That Will Open Up Your Living Room

Sometimes our homes need a bit of change. They need to adjust as our tastes, lifestyles, and ideas change. Rather than moving to a new home, you should consider the transformative power of home remodeling in Robbinsdale, MN. Remodeling is an excellent way to update and improve the personality of a space, and it’s almost always best to start in the living room.

Over time, living rooms can start to feel dull, uninspired, dated, or tight. To remedy all of these issues that get in the way of your comfort and pride in your home, consider the 5 following dream layouts to open up and update your living room:

  1. Expand an enclosed living room with a vaulted ceiling or by opening up to a second story landing. When expanding outward or opening up enclosures is not an option, let vertical space create a breezy ambiance. Fit into your vertical space with tall bookshelves, a high chest of drawers, and an elegant floor lamp–all positioned along your soaring, high walls.
  2. Ideally, you can renovate to add horizontal space to your living room. Break down unnecessary walls for an open and streamlined sightline between all living areas of the house. Once you do this, you will need to avoid a bland or overly minimal effect. Add character and create separation with area rugs. Also, orienting different seating areas toward separate center points will give the impression of separate areas and purposes.
  3. Consider laying out your living room in such a way that the indoors and outdoors feel connected. To achieve this effect, add large glass doors to your living room or expand a small set of windows into a large picture window. Better yet, go contemporary with floor-to-ceiling windows. Orient your largest furniture pieces toward the view outdoors and place a few small seats in front of the view without blocking it. Add outdoor living furniture to the outside deck or grass and your living room will feel twice as large
  4. Often, overstuffed and oversized furniture can make a room feel small. Consider furnishing your living room with several small chairs and loveseats rather than large, 3-seater couches or even a single giant sectional. Also, replace a giant media piece with a small sideboard. This will declutter the appearance of a living room and allow for more traffic. Even better, only furnish seating on 2 opposite sides of a cocktail table so that your living room is breezy on the other 2 sides. To really seal the open effect and save visual space, add a light and neutral color to your walls and remove excess structural details like trim and ornate windowsills.
  5. Consider minimizing the structural details in your living room by replacing flat walls with columns. Columns take up a minimal amount of space while serving their maximum purpose of supporting the structure. A few columns to break up the expanse of all your home’s living areas will allow for natural separation, easy elegance, and–best of all–visual space. For maximum effect, furnish away from columns rather than leaning furniture directly against or between them.

For more ideas and the ultimate method for opening up your living room, we recommend you consult with professionals in home remodeling in Robbinsdale, MN. They can evaluate your home, your budget, and your ideas and craft an open and expansive design you will love for a long time.

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