3 Unique Kitchen Designs to Brighten Up Your Home

If you have kitchen remodeling in Plymouth, MN, as one of your New Year’s resolutions, then we would be happy to help you. One of the best things you can do with your kitchen design is to introduce options that will open up the space and brighten things up a bit. There are a lot of ways to do that, and here are 3 of those methods we like to put to use.

1. Stark White

A big trend in kitchen remodeling in Plymouth, MN, right now is the inclusion of stark white elements. The more white there is, the bigger and more spacious your area will look. You can add a few accents with a pop of color; but if you really want to expand the space and introduce a brighter area in your home, then you can add white to many different surfaces. White counters, a white backsplash, white cabinets, and white flooring are all options that can be included individually or as a unified front. The products used for this are easy to clean, so you can get the white color you love without having to fear stains all the time.

2. Open Cupboards

The cabinets take up a big part of your kitchen, which is really as it should be. You need this storage. That is why our next suggestion can use your cabinets as a springboard to gaining more visual square footage and light in the room. Open shelving can let the eye go further than the outer layer of the cabinets. Another way to do this is to put glass fronts on some of the cabinets. We also like the floating shelving options that are so popular right now.

3. Integrate Live Plants

Pops of color are always a good way to brighten up a room, but in the kitchen, you can make the pop of color something really unique by having it be a live plant. There is something about a live plant that can create a sense of harmony and balance in a space. The green color is part of this, and the knowledge that something is there needing your nurturing is another side of it. This is a design choice that will require some maintenance, but we have seen how live plants in kitchens change the entire feel of the space.

There are many other ways to brighten up your kitchen. This is the heart of the home, so when this space is light and airy, you will be adding an element of freedom and unity to the entire house.

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