When Should You Replace Your Old Porch?


Redesigning any part of your home is a delicate and precise process, and this is especially true of the kitchen. If you’re considering remodeling your backyard space, you may be wondering if your old porch needs to be replaced or if you can just refinish it. The answer to this question can be influenced by a number of factors. This article will address some of these factors, but if you really want to know whether you need a replacement or remodeling in Plymouth, MN, give us a call.

Structural Issues

Does your porch have serious structural issues? Are the support beams sinking or splitting? Does the porch tilt heavily to one side? If there are any major issues that make your existing porch unsafe to use, then you should probably just demolish it and replace it. Though some structural issues can be repaired, starting from scratch is usually the easier, safer option.

Problems with Materials

Whether your porch is made of concrete, wood, or vinyl, if there are any issues with the existing materials, it may be best to replace the porch altogether. This may include wood that is rotting, concrete that is cracked, or vinyl that is splitting. Since these materials will have to be pulled out and replaced anyways, replacing the entire structure will ensure that you have a complete, uniform, and beautiful porch instead of one that looks like it has been patched together with replacement materials.

You Want an Overhaul

Sometimes, regardless of the condition your existing porch is in, you just want to completely overhaul the look of your home. If this is something you want, and your current porch doesn’t fit into your vision, then you should replace it. You deserve to have a home and yard that you’re proud of, and if you’re redesigning and remodeling, you want the finished project to match the vision that you had for the space. So if you want an entirely new porch, don’t be afraid to let yourself have it!

Whether you need a total replacement or just some simple porch refinishing and remodeling in Plymouth, MN, contact our experts at Sawhorse Designer & Builders.

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