Remodel Your Tiny Home With Storage in Mind

If you’re remodeling your tiny home, then you may be worried about storing all of your stuff. This post lists tips that you can use to store your stuff, without compromising your living space.

Raised Platforms

One clever way to remodel with storage in mind is to create raised spaces in your tiny home. You’re your remodeling contractors build small platforms, like stages, for your seating, workspace, or dinette set. These platforms will have self-contained storage under hinged doors, this way you get the square footage of a tiny home and some hidden compartments to store your stuff.

Compartmentalized Cubes

Ask your contractor to build you some storage cubes from decent lumber and finish them with stain or paint to match your home’s interiors. These basic boxes should have a hinged door so you can utilize the inside for storage. Not only do these serve as sturdy storage totes, but they can also be used as seating, a cocktail table, or a step stool, all while taking up little space in your home.

Under the Floor

Hinged doors are also useful when you want to create some under-the-floor storage. These doors can hide cavities below your flooring, where you can store your stuff while still protecting it from the elements.

Homeowners with houses on trailers or axles may find that lift-up doors underfoot can simply be a shortcut to accessing storage totes or boxes underneath their home when parked. Talk to your contractor about what makes sense for your specific living situation.

Outside Options

Whether you have a permanent or temporary spot for your tiny house, there are clever outdoor storage ideas that you can implement; for instance, upcycled mailboxes in the garden can store garden tools, while an outside pergola may be a space for weather-resistant storage totes.

Make sure to use pallets or other protection for any totes or crates that are stored outside to prevent moisture damage and mildew. Another suggestion is to store your belongings behind the skirting or banking of your tiny home.

Stair Storage

Most homeowners think that a ladder is more space-efficient than stairs or steps to access lofts, however, these individuals miss out on potential stair storage. Talk to your contractor about creating narrow, yet usable, stairs that can be used as closets, cubbies, or drawers — depending on your personal needs and preferences.

Stairs are also a lot easier and safer to use than a ladder, especially for kids and pets.

Loft Storage

Ask your contractor if it is possible to add some loft storage over your living or lounge area. Lofts are usually small platforms that can withstand the weight of totes, boxes, or closets to store your belongings and conserve living space. Camouflage the storage bulkhead with some potted plants, slatted shelves, or sheer panel curtains to avoid a cluttered appearance in your home.


Talk to your contractor about built-ins and furnishings that have hidden storage cavities, such as banquet seating along the wall or pull-down Murphy beds. In a home that is only a few hundred square-feet, every inch counts, so even items like storage ottomans can be helpful when you want to tuck away books, office supplies, or crafting goods.

In addition, using multi-function pieces can keep your living space from becoming too crowded. Prepare for remodeling by purging your tiny home of things you don’t need, that don’t fit, or simply that you don’t have room for. Donate these goods to a local organization or charitable group but ask for a receipt; you might be eligible for a tax deduction.

Remodel your tiny home with storage in mind. Contact the professionals at Sawhorse Designers & Builders to augment and achieve some pragmatic storage practices in your house. Use these tips to inspire your own inventive and clever ways to store your stuff.

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