5 Kitchen Themes You May Not Have Seen Before

It’s 2016 and a kitchen remodel is on the horizon. You want something that feels fresh and current. We’d like to tell you about 5 up-and-coming trends you should consider incorporating into your plans to help you achieve the fresh feeling you are looking for.

  • Color: White painted cabinets continue to be a favorite and will immediately lighten and freshen your kitchen. But, have you considered a soft shade of gray, a bit on the blue side? Painted gray cabinets can be beautiful. Add in some black appliances, another trend for the new year, and white granite countertops and you will create not only a fresh look for the new year, but also a look I guarantee you can be happy with for years to come.
  • Wood: In the past, tile and stone have been the go-to kitchen floor surfaces, but wood is the thing this year. To do it right, and get a floor that looks great for years, stay away from espresso and gray woods. They are popular today, no doubt, but in a short time, they will look dated. Choose a hardwood in a medium shade and you will have a floor you can love for years.
  • Tech: Technology is everywhere, even in the kitchen. To add a fresh face to your kitchen, add in just a touch of tech. You can choose anything from a smart oven that texts you when your food is done to a refrigerator that will message you if it rises above a set temperature. Smart lighting can also be on your tech list. Options like wireless dimmers, smart switches, and smart bulbs can not only help you create the atmosphere you want in your kitchen, but can also help you save on your energy bill. Go easy, though. A dash of tech will freshen your kitchen, but too much will add cost out of proportion to value and will guarantee you will be replacing everything in a short time.
  • Style: The trend is transitional. Stay away from the extremes of classical or contemporary and, instead, mix elements from both to achieve a fresh, transitional style. Traditional faucet designs offered by manufacturers like Kohler and Moen are a great way to add classical designs to your kitchen. Cabinet hardware and lighting also give you opportunities to mix traditional with contemporary.
  • Clean: The big trend in 2016 is to cut the clutter. Think clean lines and clear counters. Simple cabinet designs, like Shaker, are fashionable, and you should design your kitchen to keep your counters clear and uncluttered. For example, choose a built-in drawer to store your knives rather than a counter-top knife block, or include appliance garages or drawers to store small appliances when out of use.

Kitchen remodeling in St Paul, MN, in 2016 will include fresh colors, materials, and technology, and use transitional style elements to create the fresh, uncluttered look that is on trend for the new year.  Get started planning your new kitchen today!

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