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What Zombies Can Teach You about Home Remodeling

As we have been watching the hit show The Walking Dead, we are constantly wondering why so many people did not consider a potential zombie invasion in their home remodeling. As construction experts, we find that our methods are enhanced and changed in positive ways as we consider what zombies can teach us about proper home remodeling in Minneapolis. Some of the lessons we have learned are as follows.

Always Use the Best Materials

Zombies are bodies that are actively decomposing. This means that their strength is fairly limited. Breaking into your house will be a lot harder for these rotting monsters if your remodeling projects utilize the best materials out there. We ensure that our professional projects are all done with the best materials out there so zombies won’t be able to easily tear them down.

Pools Are Great Investments

It turns out that zombies are pretty wretched swimmers. This means that any projects you are considering involving pools, spas, and other water features can present some pretty effective obstacles in the face of a zombie apocalypse.

Shelving Full of Emergency Essentials

From what we have seen, preparation is often the only line of defense against zombies. There is a chance you could be locked up on your property for weeks or months at a time while the zombie population works itself out. This means that somewhere in your house, you need to stockpile the supplies needed to endure such a time frame. We would be happy to provide the needed shelving and infrastructure so that your plans can be made.

Choose Colors Carefully

Beta testing has shown that certain colors can draw in zombies. You will want to select exterior colors that will be soothing and not too flashy. The recent trends for exterior remodeling favor whites, blues, and wood tones. These will be neutral and not overly attractive to hordes of the un-dead. Your paint and stain choices are far more important than you may realize.

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