Wood tile decking
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5 Unique Porch Styles that Will Have You in Awe

Wood tile decking

Part of home remodeling includes the porch. Not only is it an extension of one’s home, but the porch can become the perfect gathering place on a sunny summer day. When it comes to building a porch for their homes, our clients want something unique. They want their porch to stand out and fit the look and feel of their homes. As such, here are 5 unique options for porches.

Triangular Deck

Most people have square or rectangle shaped porches. If they have a different shape, it’s usually because it follows the shape of the rest of the home. For homes with minimalist charm and complementing architecture and features, a triangle is a great option, too. The angles are simple, but the unusual shape makes it stand out compared to other porches.

Enclosed Deck

Homes with a great view need a place where residents can enjoy it. When this is the case, an enclosed deck is a great option. Try placing minimal, if any, lights in the space, so people can enjoy the natural light from the sun, moon, and stars.

Built-In Lighting Scheme

The deck doesn’t have to be too unusual to stick out. Try adding unique features, such as built-in lighting. Lighting along the steps, on the awning, and throughout other parts of the porch increase the level of safety and visibility at night.

Fire Pit

Fire pits are a great addition to backyards. People enjoy gathering with friends and family around the fire, and even cooking over it. For homeowners that want a fire pit, consider building it into the porch design. Not only can we designate an area for the fire pit, but we can build seating around it.  

Textured Patterns 

With a regular deck, people can bring a unique twist to the area by adding textured patterns through the wood used to create the porch. For example, one could try making a checkerboard pattern with the wood to create the perfect design for their porch and home remodeling in Plymouth, MN.

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