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Afton Bath Remodel, Part 2 A 1978 vintage compartmentalized bath-and-closet area, starved for natural light, was redesigned into a beautiful contemporary master-bath suite as part of the greater kitchen project. Removing a door and linen closet created space for the for expansion of the vanity counter. Ergonomically friendly 36”-high edge-banded maple vanities feature granite countertops and ample his-and-hers cubby storage at eye level. Undermount vanity bowls allow for easy countertop cleaning. The natural stone tile floors are heated for those cold Minnesota mornings and year-round comfort. The walk-in shower is appointed with natural stone floor and wall tiles. The shower’s accents, an exquisite mosaic mix of color, is the sort of detailing found in only the finest spa settings. Natural stone shampoo shelves and full-width bench are a beautiful completion to the spa feel.  The privacy partition to the water closet matches the glass chosen for the shower. The recent addition of a high-efficiency furnace allowed for the elimination of flues in the adjacent walk-in closet and the uniform allocation of closet space for him and her. The walk-in closet was reappointed with a complimentary closet system that included rod, shelves, and drawers to maximize their hanging- and drawer-storage needs.

Features: Custom maple-stained vanity cabinetry, custom medicine cabinet and adjacent dressing vanity. Natural stone shower walls with accent feature tile and natural stone shampoo shelves and bench. Repurposed light fixtures offer a slight eclectic feel to the space. Soft-close door and drawer guides offer functionality along with a very clean lined hardware to complete the bath’s sleek appearance.

Testimonial We are sooooooo happy with the way this project has proceeded. The men are very skilled in what they do and the workmanship is excellent. The cabinetry is very beautiful and the craftsmanship is unparalleled. Your professional expertise and design work is wonderful and very well planned. It’s amazing—the functionality of both rooms. Thank you for providing us with the most beautiful kitchen and bathroom.

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